I produce a lot of NFT works on gas masks, and the purpose is to share the issues of viruses, climate change, human rights, etc. with the world and not to let them fade away.

Gas masks are not a light theme. However, by daring to use pop illustrations to make it easy for recipients to digest, I hope to increase the number of opportunities for people to come into contact with this theme.

Especially in the last few years, global issues have become more apparent. I myself am very much motivated by the fact that I have become concerned about the future of my own children.

Since information on such global issues is easily controlled due to the agendas of various countries, it is very significant to present the work on the NFT, a public blockchain that is transparent and tamper resistant. Furthermore, I believe that the high availability of the NFT will provide a lasting appeal and avoid the problem from fading away.

For these reasons, the concepts of NFT and blockchain have become an integral part of my artwork and I intend to keep NFT art at the center of my artistic practice.

I would like to continue to create NFT works of gas masks so that the future of children will be as bright as possible and the world will eventually see gas masks as a positive icon.
--- Profile ---
Kazuma Ono
CryptoArtist (2021/3~)

GasMask × CryptoArt

1/1, Programmable

PopArt, Illustration
--- Education ---
2008 - 2012 Tōhoku University of Art & Design, Japan University
--- Bio ---
July 2021
Selected as the 2nd Official Artist for the NFT marketplace "SBI NFT"
March 2022
Selected as an official artist for the NFT marketplace "AsyncArt"
April 2022
Selected as an official artist for the collectible card game "MarbleCards"
June 2022
Appointed as Artist Moderator for "SBI NFT"
August 2022
Become a member of "Cult Crypto Art"
September 2022
Held Gas Mask Meetup
October 2022
Selected as an official artist for the NFT marketplace "MakersPlace"

Exhibited at “JUMP IN SAPPRO”, a WEB3/NFT event held in the northernmost part of Japan

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